Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Announcing Krowness Radio!

I have thrown ideas out there in announcements before that never came to fruition due to lack of time, lack of participants and other issues. Web comics and additional writers for more specialized areas (such as detailed game and movie reviews) are just some of the great ideas that miscarried. However, this is not one of them!

Starting in early 2012, by February at the latest, I will begin hosting a Krowness Podcast. Now, like blogs, I absolutely hate the word "podcast" as it has Apple's shit all over it, and the majority out there are a bunch of whiny high school kids who bitch about not making the football team or how awesome their new Pokemon is. Please.

This is going to be a REAL show. No whining, no tears, no bullshit (unless of course I make some hate mail authors cry a little). I am in the process of preparing material, finding sponsors and potentially allowing the sale of the recordings through audio sites.

I have all the audio and video equipment needed (except a more powerful, higher quality camcorder, but I will have that soon enough), so at this time, I am simply getting ready to put this into action. Updates on this will be frequent as we get ready to launch!

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