Friday, October 28, 2011

No Halloween This Year!

Yup, that's right. There will be no Halloween celebrations in my town this year. Due to the rain we had, the lame downtown safe Halloween was postponed, but that won't do any good. Even if Monday was still the usual holiday, we're getting a mother fucking blizzard tomorrow. Yes, one foot of snow is expected, completely stopping any and all Halloween parties, trick-or-treating and what not for the entire holiday. Even if you could go out for candy, who is going to trudge through a foot of snow in a costume to do so? Especially when they don't plow the side streets or sidewalks here.

And just for fun, it'll be in the 60s all next week so it'll be like nothing happened. After Halloween that is.

Well, not much we can do now. It's too early for Christmas massacre movies like Santa's Slay and who feels like a horror fest when it looks like December outside. I hate New England. This place can suck my cock.

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