Monday, June 7, 2010

Can't Think Of Anything To Say? How About Asian Porn!

I'm sick and tired of seeing my inbox flooding with comments for this website, and the vast majority of them being from empty profiles sending me mile long links for Japanese porn. Now, I like a good old piece of pornography as much as the next guy, but when these sites all charge me in yen (and an agreement to download their spyware without my knowledge), it's rather irritating.

At least three times a week I have to delete comments that link to this bullshit and have nothing to do with my articles. I took last month off in hopes that it'd calm down and to celebrate my 23rd birthday on the 12th, but this is getting ridiculous. Does anyone at Google find it the least bit suspicious that there are 1.8 million new websites popping up with no content or any work, yet these same profiles are plastering the internet with commentary and links?

Doubtful, because right now they're too busy sucking the tar smeared cocks of BP in order to hide search words related to the oil spill, thus depriving the curious public about any real news from the Gulf. Yes, this is true.

I know that this post will accumulate at least a dozen porn links by the morning, so to the asshat who's about to do so; kill yourself. Thanks.