Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Message to All Men!

There's a new trend amongst males out there that is very disturbing to a real man like myself. No, it's not male braziers, shaving chest hair or nut removal. No, I'm talking about the incredible rise of abusive, overbearing, belittling, arrogant sons of bitches that seems to have replaced the loving, caring gentleman.

What the fuck is wrong with men lately? Everywhere I go, I see more and more girls of all ages, friends and strangers, getting out of abusive relationships or struggling to free themselves. Others try to change the bastards and get hurt worse in the process, only to find themselves at the same end as the rest. This problem certainly isn't new, but it seems that it's much more prominent now than it ever was in the past. What is it that makes these actions seem right?

It's not just the ones that are physically hurting their partners either. I have seen more young women damaged psychologically at the hands of emotional abuse than anything else. These assholes make themselves out to be a gift from the gods, and convince their partners that they can't live without them, and they insult, joke about and mentally beat their girlfriends until they have no self esteem left and believe the bullshit spewed out at them. Any comfort they get afterwards only isolates them more from the people who actually care and make it harder for them to fight back and get out.

Then there's the fuckers who think they have to stand up for their girlfriend now matter what, refuse to let her speak up or defend herself and ultimately treat her like a lifeless sack of meat incapable of independency. These are the kinds of guys who are not aware that this is the 21st century, and that Chivalry is outdated. Girls can take care of themselves and don't need a condescending, hypocritical dick to fight meaningless battles over petty insults like rude comments from a clerk or waiter. Yes, words hurt. But your bullshit hurts more and the fact you won't even give her the chance to speak up, if she even wanted to in the first place, is obsolete. You don't need to be in control over every aspect of her life.

And when it comes to financial abuse, get a fucking job you lazy shit. You don't need to be pillaging your girlfriend's wallet for money. Pillage is for hamlets, cities and the king's treasury. Not the banks of those you are supposed to care about. Get off your fat ass, turn off the football game and flip a burger or two. It's all you're good at in the least and if you applied yourself to the menial shit work you are capable of, she'd leave anyway since there is no future in a loser such as yourself.

A real man treats his partner as his equal. He does not get involved in her battles unless she needs reinforcement, and only steps in if asked to. He knows how to treat her like a human being, lets her go out with her friends of both genders and lets her carry on a conversation. He is never violent and only helps to build confidence if needed. And above all, he knows the difference between love and power, and would never force himself onto any woman in a physically and emotionally painful, disgusting and barbaric manner.

You guys are a disgrace to all real men, make us look bad and cause deeper pain than you could ever imaging. Fuck you bastards in the neck, you mother fuckers.

If you know anyone in a situation like this, don't just watch it happen. This is a place where you can stand up and help a friend out. There are many programs to help women out of these situations and hotlines to call for support. No one is alone, no matter how these sons of bitches make you feel, you are are never alone and there are many people who care about you.

Any woman in a relationship that makes her feel bad about herself or is treated like shit, there is no way that asshole will change. Run and get out. Don't tolerate such behavior for yourself or any children that all to often become involved.