Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Get a Leash, Idiot!

So yesterday I’m waiting to see my doctor about a brutal sinus infection I picked up thanks to overwork and eating a small pack of beef jerky as a full meal, which compromised my superhuman system. This overwork is also why I haven’t been able to please the masses with my work: two graduate level courses involving a 20 page for each has not been too enjoyable.

Anyways, as I was waiting, this little shit is playing with every goddamn thing in the room. He’s drooling on magazines dated from 2007, playing with potted plants and climbing on the table. Then he goes over to the trashcan and starts banging on it like an inbred chimp banging on a bongo, while high on meth. He’s flipping that lid around like I was preparing to flip the bird to his mother. What does she do? Just raises a finger in the air and whispers “no”. Great job, bitch. Does this stop the kid? No! Now he’s playing with the trash and purposely puts his bottle amongst the heaps of discarded tissues.

His mother finally gets off her ass and takes him away from the trashcan. But it just begins here! Now the kid is playing with light switches, and she is showing him how they are “magic” knobs that bring the light. Yeah, good one. Too bad he was more interested in the fucking fire alarm. Yes that’s right. This kid was playing with the fire alarm, and his mother was letting him! Just as he was about to pull it, she was move him away and laugh a little at her stupid game. They finally left when grandma came out of the adjoining dentist office and reeking of colostomy bag.

I don’t get it. Why do you morons want children so badly? You don’t bother to take care of them, and then blame their stupidity and ignorance on autism. It’s not hard to mistake the two. A kid who grows up without any human contact is all too likely to not be able to speak or have any form of human contact skills.

Doctors need to learn negligence from medical condition. There is no possible way for 1 in 166 people to be autistic. If you defend that then you defend bullshit. And you most likely believe that Iraq is crawling with weapons of mass destruction or that little elves live in your nose. I can prove that the autism epidemic is BS rather easily. My mother taught elementary school for 35 years and never once had an autistic student. Now before you tell me that they were in the special ed. rooms, keep in mind that those establishments are a new affair, and that my mother had plenty of special ed. kids despite being a traditional teacher.

In fact, there were at most, five children in her school system with autism. That is five out of 900 in just the elementary school alone! Totaled, there are about seventeen autistic students in the entire school system out of over 2000! That statistic of 1 in 166 is pure bullshit. If you don’t believe me you can look a the MCAS stats for Clinton, MA schools. Why? Because autistic students are exempt from them. If you total how many take it, versus how many are in the schools, you can easily see the real figure.

I don’t have access to the full student population so will use an estimated figure and take the seventeen autistic students to be taken from a rounded total population of 2000. This means that only 0.0085% of students in an average district are autistic. The numbers can be applied to larger or smaller districts as needed and I guarantee it will be the same.

0.0085 does not seem like 1 in 166 to me. Even if you take into consideration people in the work force and other non school establishments, the figure does not change greatly. The fact that we are functioning (if you can call humanity functioning at all) in any sense, proves that the majority of mankind is not autistic as this rectal mined figure makes it seem.

You are all idiots. Get a leash for your kids and teach them something other than “Vote or Die”, or “White Power” or “Get me a fucking beer!”