Monday, July 27, 2009

More Football Love!

Recently, I once again received hate mail on how much I suck for hating a shitty overblown sport like football:

Milkie said...

Alright each and every one of you need a quick reality check outside of your overly self obsessed and seemingly sadnnening lives. 

1. Teddy Bear- What sort of name is that anyways? Firstly no one wants to hear about your pittiful life story of how you were physically inferior to the other normal children and therfore could not participate in the rutine activities. Also teachers now days are stricly forbidden by law to distract from the duties and teachers for extra cariculars such as football. Plus you are not special simply becasue you learned to read at a young age. We all can fucking read.

2. who ever wrote this rant apparently has a boxed in veiw of themselves compared to society. Let me ask you. What are the bare essnsials that will always do well even in a troubled economy like what we are in now. Food, transportation, and ENTERTAINMENT. profesional and collage football is a means of cheap entertainment that most of the country enjoys, and if you have a problem with it running over your regualr programming then change the fucking channel dip shit because theres about a hundred million other people enjoying that same show around the country. 

3. Where did these pro players start out at? As kids they took and intrest in somthing and foolowed through with it which is what the youth of today is doing as well. Just becasue you live a normal dead end life does not give you the right to deminish what others have done. You talk about eduacation and the progrssion of today's youth then take a look at what participation in an active and physical sprt will do. It simply and without a doubt helps children and teens, and as a prduct of that gives people a chance to further their opportunities in life.

4. get a life loser

Why thank you Mikie! You certainly make a good point. It’s so nice to see you attacking other people on my comments page, just because they were unable to play meaningless high school sports. Not that some people, like myself, were/are severely asthmatic and cannot push themselves to run around a field for no purpose at all or may have a physical injury, that doesn’t matter does it. Not at all, after all, the handicapped and chronically ill are just morons who aren’t cool enough and deserve to be socially ostracized.

And to answer your second point, yes I do have a boxed in view of life. I see life as a meaningful adventure, not a fleeting moment of glory over a rubber ball. Also, if you haven’t noticed, I wrote this article a year before the economy tanked, in 2007. Yes, we were heading down that road thanks to the worst president ever, but it didn’t hit for another year. Check the dates, dumbass. But since when is football a source of cheap entertainment? With the average ticket costing close to $700 and thanks to digital transition blowing more money into TVs and converter boxes, how is this inexpensive? Do you even know how much the average football player makes? Yeah, real cheap. Frankly, I don’t care if a lot of people are watching football either. Lots of flies eat shit. Are you going to jump on that bandwagon too?

And in your third point, you want to know where these “pros” started out? The answer is in the fucking classroom! Who taught them how to read, or write, or tie their shoes, or how to fucking speak? Teachers. Not some mouth-breathing coach who takes pictures of his team in the showers. And how about anyone with a career? They also “foolowed” through with their dreams. A kid who enjoyed programming studied computer science and is now a software engineer (who subsequently lost his job to a guy in China). You brag about how "we all can fucking read" yet do not credit the teachers that made that possible, but then again, your letter proves that you cannot.

Thank you for that input. My dead end life must really be getting to me. You see, I work in the video game industry, writing soundtracks for introductions, themes for characters, battles, levels, achievements, etc. All the monotony and depressing lows of working with the next hit for Wii, or Xbox or PC really shows how horrible my life is.

There is nothing that participation in a sport brings to today’s youth. It’s too expensive to partake in athletics, and as you have mentioned, with the shitty Bush-tanked economy, we need to focus on what matters and not blow our money away. That means sports should be the first on the chopping block. While you may have attended a school were it was not proper to push sports, I did. Our MCAS scores, which were and are always abysmal, were nothing compared to what the local football team accomplished (for those who don’t know, the MCAS are a mandatory Massachusetts standardized test). We may lose our principals (which we are) due to low tests, but who cares; the team won a few games!

Sports do nothing but fuel anger and aggression in children, and schools and parents encourage it. And Doom and Duke Nukem are the ones taking the heat for youth violence. Please.

I’d get a life, but I already have one. I already mentioned my work as a video game composer, and this is from doing exactly what you said; I followed (sorry, I meant “foolowed”) through with my dreams and goals. Sports aren’t the only things that you can succeed in. If so, there’d be a lot more professional athletes and less bag boys at the grocery store.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Racism and FOX: A Match Made in Heaven!

Just by looking at the title of the article, you probably already know where I'm going. Last week, Fox and Friends had a segment on a connection between Alzheimer's and marriage, and it quickly became an issue of pure genes, countries of origin as species classification and master races. I created this video as a reaction to this epic example of bullshit:

FOX Broadcasting, it's Hitlerific!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Drunken Caller!

Last night I was kept up until sunrise because of a drunken little fuck calling my cell phone. I was pissed as all hell but decided to have some fun with him and recorded his calls and my answers to his absolutely unthoughtful, slurred and simply moronic sentences that border on schizophasia (word salad).

While I suspect that this may have been a friend of mine using a soundboard to crank call me, she denies it so I have to hold by that. Most of my suspicion comes from the fact that many phrases you will hear in these four videos sound like they came from Napoleon Dynamite and other assorted films.

Oh well, but this is still funny as all hell.